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I am a terrible snob, so when I heard of a “must-visit” Day Spa just off the Selby offramp in town, I was not particularly keen to check it out. But I was challenged to never judge a book by its cover and booked myself in for a Hot Stone Massage and Pedicure (their July special). And I discovered a HUGE venue, with a rather romantic twist that really appealed to me.

An award-winning Day Spa with great special offers!

  The beautifully indulgent Moloko Spa is tucked away inside the Moloko Strathavon Hotel in Sandton (just off Grayston Drive) and is the perfect place to escape the stresses of everyday life. Treat yourself – you deserve it!    

  Having been the rage in Hollywood for years, Minx nail art has finally hit South African shores and we just had to try it for ourselves! Bring out your inner Minx    

  Stephen is currently running for the BHE (Best Husband Ever) award and has really come to the fore while I have been all weak and feeble with the flu. But when he arrived home with THIS gift, I was thoroughly impressed! Some (very well-deserved) Pamper Products    

14 Jun 2011 3 Attirance in Morningside
  Attirance in the Morningside Shopping Centre is one of those stores that draws customers in by the scent emanating from the door, and once inside, you are hooked! (It therefore makes sense that “Attirance” means “power of attraction”!) Attirance in Morningside    

  It is amazing what perfectly-shaped brows can do for your face! If you want a quick, relatively painless and far more precise way of getting the best brows possible, then threading might just be the perfect solution for you!
Threading at the Hair Colonel - your brows will never be the same!    

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