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Nothing makes my day like discovering a factory shop for one of my very favourite fashion outlet stores! I have been a massive fan of Australian brand Cotton On since they arrived on our shores a few years ago, but I always try to keep my visits to their stores to a minimum owing to my fear of bankrupting myself month-on-month (and having to eat nothing but dry Provitas for the rest of my life - seriously, it’s a real concern!) Luckily for my stomach and my wallet I recently discovered ...

All Hail The Cotton On Factory Shop, Pretoria!

  Who cares about diamonds? If there’s anything that is a girl’s best friend it is shoes. Sure, diamonds are shiny and stuff but do they really bring you as much joy as shoes do? If you are struggling with that question then the answer is no, no Darlings they don’t. If you think a... ER Collection by Eda Rose – Shoes Well Worth Lusting After!    

  This might be embarrassing to admit but I am a complete hoarder of costume jewellery, and on top of that my jewellery storage is absolute chaos. I’ve got a million and one little boxes in my bedroom all of which contain rings, bracelets, earrings and other bits and bobs and then a series of... Bling Thing Helps You Say Goodbye To Chaos!    

  What’s the one thing you can’t live without - I mean, besides your significant other and your pet pooch, Mr Bigglesworth? For me that one thing is my Smartphone. To me my phone is so much more than just a phone; it’s my diary, notebook, camera, portable web surfing device and mo... Shop For The Coolest Mobile Accessories at Cellularmall!    

  After the world's longest internal debate I have finally invested in a tablet – for the longest time I was umming and aahing about whether or not I would use it often enough,  and now that I have one I can't imagine life without it. The only problem with owning a tablet is protecting i... Keep Your Tablet Safe and Snug as a Bug With FLD!    

  If there are two things I love it’s food and anything with a touch of nostalgia, and today’s find has a bit of both (yay!) The only problem with loving food so much is that it requires you to cook, and often (if only eating out at fancy pants restaurants every day wasn’t so expe... Don’t Know What To Make For Dinner? Just Gooi!    

  Weddings are a beautiful thing – I mean name one other time in your life when you will get the chance to create the party of your dreams. The only sad part is that unless you get married twice (hey there’s no judgement here) you only get one shot to create the wedding of your dreams. ... Print and Create The Stationery of Your Dreams With Lily Young Designs    

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