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Over the past few years I’ve noticed that so many of my friends have stopped wearing watches. It’s quite sad really. Most people argue that these days you’ve got your cellphone to tell you the time so there’s no need for a watch, but what’s more convenient – digging around in your handbag for your cellphone just to find out the time or looking down at your wrist? Plus, there’s just something so special about wearing a stunning time-piece on your arm. ...

I’m Lusting After These Watches!

I’ve hidden my credit card in the freezer. No, I haven’t completely lost it, it’s just that I’ve discovered the most amazing online store and couldn’t stop adding things to my virtual shopping basket -  I had to be stopped! Luckily sanity prevailed before I hi...
I’m Obsessed With This Online Store!    

  Because I’m always out trying fabulous restaurants I hardly ever get to spend any time in the kitchen (first world problems I know!) But when I do cook I like to surround myself with all sorts of fun kitchen gadgets - mostly because there are just so many nifty little tools out there, but a... Inject a Little Passion Into Your Life!    

  Here at Joburg’s Darling we love finding those hidden little spots that no one else knows about and boy have I got a cracker for you today! Last week a reader gave me a heads up about the cutest little gift shop, so naturally I went through to check it out and absolutely loved what I found.... A Treasure Trove Of Gifts For Friends and Family!    

03 May 2013 3 Too Cute For Words!
  I've always been a little obsessed with throwing parties - mostly because I absolutely love party decor and I'll use any excuse to obtain as much of it as I can. The obsession is so bad that it's gotten to a stage where I'll find any excuse to throw a party. Trust me, if there's something to cele... Too Cute For Words!    

  As much as I love this modern world of iPads, smart phones and instant coffee that we live in, I’m also a sucker for all things vintage or anything that harks back to a simpler time. You see, as much as I love the convenience and cool factor of taking notes on my android phone and Dropboxin... Stationery Glorious Stationery!    

  I’m absolutely obsessed with throwing parties – especially dress-up parties. Costumes, funky decor, fabulous food, music – what’s not to love? I have however come to realise that not everyone shares my love of themed parties – and by ‘not everyone’ I mean... Party Time On A ShoeString!    

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