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No home is complete without something handmade. There’s just something about handmade items that add a touch of warmth to a space, not to mention the fact that they also help to break up the same-same vibe often created by mass produced big retail items. Which is why I am so in love with today’s find – a home decor store like no other. Swagger offers clients unique handmade goodies that will give any home a little more pep in its step. If you’re lookin...

Give Your Home a Touch of Swagger!

  Darlings I just discovered the most amazing ceramics brand! If you’re looking for something super cute and incredibly quirky to spruce up your home, desk or a friend or family member's home then yo... Welcome To The Magical World Of Sootcookie!    

  I am yet to meet a woman who doesn’t love lingerie. In fact a woman not having a serious soft spot for beautiful, well-made lingerie is like a human being not having a constant, unfailing lust for bacon – it’s just not possible. So why then do we ladies compromise on the quality... A Lingerie Lover's Paradise at Barclay and Clegg!    

  There’s something to be said about simple ideas. We’ve all come across an idea or invention that is so simple, yet so brilliant that we can’t believe we didn’t think of it ourselves. Today’s find is definitely one of those and trust me when you are done reading this ... Give Your Boots a Extra Pizzazz with Peekaboot Cuffs!    

  Darlings, I cannot explain to you how excited I am about today’s find. For ages I have been wishing that the oh-so-incredible Isabelina would make its way to Joburg - I mean, its fabulosity lends itself so incredibly well to the Joburg vibe that it’s really a no-brainer – and no... Cape Town Export, Isabelina Arrives in Joburg (Finally!)    

  Someone needs to invite me to a baby shower and stat! I don’t care who it is – my sister-in-law, a close girlfriend, colleague, or random stranger - I just NEED to have the opportunity to buy someone a baby shower gift from today’s find! As we speak I am scanning (read frantical... I’m Obsessed With These Darling Baby Shower Gifts from Cotton Candyfloss!    

  Let’s be honest, shopping for professional hair products can be a bit of a chore. I only get the time to stock up on my salon products when I actually visit the salon (which does not happen as often as it should) and even then I am often cash-strapped due to the fact that I just spent a for... Top Professional Brands at Affordable Prices from EverythingHair!    

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