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Darlings you might be tempted to take your hat off to me after I share one of my absolute favourite brands with you. That is until you invest in one of your very own Simon and Mary designs. Quite frankly I’ll errr … eat my hat if you ever part with it. This is all the proof you need, to know once and for all, that hats are not only for bad hair days … or balding. If it seems like I’m gushing, that’s because I am!

Falling for Simon - and Mary!

  Darlings I have some very sad news; alas today is my last post as Joburg’s Darling. The time has come for me to move back to my home town, Cape Town and offer up my opinions on the Cape Town’s Darling blog. The move is a bit of a bittersweet one for me as I have come to adore Joburg o... Morrells de Maison - A Fine Shoppe Indeed!    

  Never mind all that diamond stuff; shoes are a girl’s best friend! I mean, unless you’re Rockefeller you can’t buy diamonds in ever size, shape and colour but shoes; well you can never have enough pairs of shoes! One of my new-favourite shoe brands to hit South Africa is definit... Holster Jelly Shoes Make a Splash in South Africa!    

  Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone can be crazy difficult! Especially if your significant other is like my boyfriend who wants for nothing ... except a Playstation 4 and an electronic drum kit. Needless to say my lowly journalists’ salary doesn’t a... Create the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift with Prinstagram!    

  I have a confession to make; I stopped exfoliating my face ages ago. I know, it’s bad and I should try and do it at least once a week but to be honest exfoliating my face with scrubs, masks and what not doesn’t really work for me. My skin is far too sensitive and to ... Get Clearer Skin, Easily with Exfolimate    

  Darlings I’ve been having such fun playing with a brand new type of accessory this week! If you have been living under a rock for ages and you haven’t already heard that temporary metallic tattoos are the next big thing in fashion, then look alive because class is in session and you&r... Fun with Skin Bling’s Fabulous Temporary Metallic Tattoos    

  Oh boy Darlings do I have a find for you today! That’s right: keep reading for the low down on what is quite possibly one of the most unique local shoe brands out there. Trust me - when you see these babies you are going to gasp with excitement – if you don’t gasp you might be d... Shoes to Die For From Luli Pulani    

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