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Oh boy Darlings do I have a find for you today! That’s right: keep reading for the low down on what is quite possibly one of the most unique local shoe brands out there. Trust me - when you see these babies you are going to gasp with excitement – if you don’t gasp you might be dead inside, it’s the only explanation really. Here’s why you are going to fall head over heels (excuse the shameless pun) with Luli Pulani Shoes!

Shoes to Die For From Luli Pulani

  Are you like everyone else in the world , using the month of January to get back into shape? Or promising yourself that THIS, this is the year that you will be the best you can possibly be? We all go through it and let’s face it - most of us never really get there. I must confess I am one o... Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Headphones Are The Business!    

  Darlings I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but we are smack-bang in the middle of wedding season! Every time I look at my Facebook timeline one of my ‘friends’ is getting engaged – it’s pure madness I tell you. I’m sure that loads of you reading this right n... Your Wedding Décor Sorted with I Do Inspirations    

  Shopping for furniture can be such a nightmare! Who has time to schlep from store to store searching for the perfect piece of furniture when you are met with nothing but disappointment at every turn? I mean, Murphy’s Law states that when you are on the hunt for a charcoal coloured side tabl... Sitting Pretty with Sit and Co    

  Our Cape Town Darling, Philippa found something super fabulous recently and when I realised that it was also available in Joburg I just had to fill you all in! Keep reading to see why she insists that you check out RainQueen Corrugated Tanks. Create Your Ideal Urban Garden with RainQueen    

  There’s nothing more demoralising than spending hours and hours slaving over a hot stove to create the perfect meal for your dinner party, Christmas lunch or birthday celebration and then having no energy left to face the trauma of having to plate it all and create beautiful place settings ... TableArt Makes Table Decor Easy Peasy!    

  Shopping for underwear can be a nightmare of note – especially the whole business of being measured for your correct bra size. Let’s face it not everyone is comfortable being felt up in the change room by some lady with a measuring ribbon, and not everyone enjoys the schlep of going t... Triumph Launches Online Store!    

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