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Oh my gosh Darlings, I’m completely besotted with today’s find – Margie and Me! There’s no getting past how awesome this little business is and I’m typing this post at a million miles a second (ok maybe not but I’m typing super fast) because I’m so excited to share it with you as quickly as humanly possible. If you or your little ones love crafting, or if you love shopping for crafty goodies, then you simply must pay a visit to this l...

Get Your Craft On With Margie And Me!

  If your best friend, daughter-in-law or colleague has had a baby recently and you haven’t the faintest idea what to get her to celebrate the arrival of her little bundle of joy, then once again I am here to save the day (no thank you necessary). Trust me, you’re going to get major bro... I Adore This Baby Wall Art BY Designed With Love!    

  I am beyond excited to fill you in about the awesomeness that is today’s find! If you’re a home decor fanatic and love filling your home with super unique items, like I do, then be prepared to fall hopelessly in love with home decor extraordinaire, L'Emile et Son! The... L'Emile et Son Is The Bees Knees!    

  Darlings today I have the best news in the history of ever! Thanks to Edgars, legendary American jeans brand, Lucky Brand, has finally made its way to South Africa and I’m as happy as a squirrel on a trampoline that they are here. You see, I used to be one of those girls that lived in my je... Lucky Brand Finally Makes Its Way To Joburg!    

  I’m always carrying on about how I’m completely obsessed with the quirky things in life, so I will spare you the long-winded lead up and just tell you that if you only do one thing this week you’d better make it a visit to On A Whim in Lonehill! Now, I know Lone... Darlings You Have To Visit On A Whim!    

  Today’s post is directed at all the male Joburg’s Darling readers (I know you’re out there). That’s right fellas, pay close attention to today’s post because I’m going to give you a rare look into the female psyche and finally reveal the secret to how to get a ... Treat Your Loved One With Bespoke Bouquet Roses!    

  A little while ago I announced the Joburg’s Darling partnership with Nokia and introduced you to the super fabulous Nokia 920. Nokia came onboard as the official picture sponsor of Joburg’s Darling a few months ago and ever since I got my hands on their devices I’ve been loving ... Forget Buying A Fancy Pants Camera Buy The Nokia Lumia 1020!    

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