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There’s no greater joy in life than a little bit of mischief, especially in the bedroom (write that down, it’s great advice). And, that’s why I’m extremely thrilled with the launch of a naughty little addition to the subscription box trend – Foxy Box! The little package of super sexy goodies will most definitely get your pulse racing every month and is the perfect gift for yourself or a special girlfriend (just make sure you don’t open it a...

Get a Little Naughty With Foxy Box

  I’ve always been a little obsessed with trinkets and decorative decor items that serve absolutely no purpose besides looking pretty on my living room shelf. When I moved up to Joburg from Cape Town a few months ago I had to purge almost all of my trinkets and, besides leaving behind my pair... I’ve Fallen for With Love    

  I’m going to declare bankruptcy by January next year and it’s all thanks to Entrepo. I’ve never really been the Suzy Homemaker type –in fact I’m usually that girl rolling her eyes when a smug housewife shows off her brand new R600 oven mitts – but I’ve fa... I’m Becoming Suzy Homemaker!    

  It’s almost Christmas time and I’ve yet to step foot into a mall to embark upon the dreaded Christmas shop. Just thinking about traipsing from shop to shop, dodging crowds, and then lugging it all home for wrapping makes we want to go and lie down. Right now I’m in gift buying d... Shop Smart Not Hard This Christmas!    

  There’s one recurring nightmare that every South African woman has at least a few times a year... bear with me as I paint you a picture. Your friend comes to lunch wearing THE most stunning jacket, dress, jeans - whatever -  that you’ve ever seen in your entire life. As she sits ... The Moment We’ve  All Been Waiting For Is Here!    

  I am SO over seeing "sale" notifications for Persian Carpets that are ALWAYS 70% less or part of a "Clearance Sale". (Do these shop owners really think we are that stupid?) Well, out of sheer and utter frustration, I trawled through as many of them as I could stomach, and ended up finding a real ... Persian Carpets that REALLY are well-priced    

  Some of my best leads come from readers, so when one of my Facebook followers suggested I visit CPS Warehouse for superbly-priced Christmas Trees and decor, I very obediently trotted off with Stephen and Kayla in tow to check it out on your behalf. (FYI Stephen only agreed to com... Fab prices on Christmas trees, lights and decor    

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