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There’s one recurring nightmare that every South African woman has at least a few times a year... bear with me as I paint you a picture. Your friend comes to lunch wearing THE most stunning jacket, dress, jeans - whatever -  that you’ve ever seen in your entire life. As she sits down you start fantasizing about yourself wearing said piece of clothing - looking gorgeous, camera’s flashing, people screaming your name, the usual. You nonchalantly ask her where she got it s...

The Moment We’ve  All Been Waiting For Is Here!

  I am SO over seeing "sale" notifications for Persian Carpets that are ALWAYS 70% less or part of a "Clearance Sale". (Do these shop owners really think we are that stupid?) Well, out of sheer and utter frustration, I trawled through as many of them as I could stomach, and ended up finding a real ... Persian Carpets that REALLY are well-priced    

  Some of my best leads come from readers, so when one of my Facebook followers suggested I visit CPS Warehouse for superbly-priced Christmas Trees and decor, I very obediently trotted off with Stephen and Kayla in tow to check it out on your behalf. (FYI Stephen only agreed to com... Fab prices on Christmas trees, lights and decor    

  Visitors to our offices always admire my gorgeous stationery that lovingly decorates my desk - and I always smugly tell them that I bought it when visiting my sister in Australia. Well, the happy news is that TYPO has just opened in Sandton City, and you are going to love it!... I dare you not to buy anything!    

  Pick n Pay took the  retail experience to the next level with the opening of their Nicol concept store – and they have done it again with The Falls, a green store which officially opens its doors today! BREAKING NEWS - A supermarket worth driving for!    

  As you know, I have become a pretty devoted fan of online shopping this year. Not only is it THE most convenient way to Get Stuff Done, but secure payment options have also made it incredibly safe to purchase online. (Not to mention how much fun it is to do a spot of Festive Shopping from behind ... For those who Love Stuff    

  Okay, let me break it down for you: two pairs of Zoom shoes, a Forever New skirt and shirt, Marion & Lindi pants, all for under R1000, all fitting beautifully (if in need of a bit of a wash and iron) and sure to make my wardrobe look far more like that of a fashionista than a bargain hunter i... Forever New, Marion & Lindi and other hot brands at RIDICULOUSLY low prices!    

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