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Nothing makes a room more inviting and more beautiful than a striking fresh flower arrangement - there’s no doubt about it. I absolutely love having fresh flowers in my home and it’s one of those things that I don’t mind splurging on every now and then because it just makes me so darn happy. But, there’s just one small problem - my standards for flower arrangements have recently skyrocketed! For the longest time I was completely satisfied to just have a fresh bunch of ...

I’m Besotted With The Designer Flower Arrangements From Atomic Orchid!

  Darlings, I’m guessing you read the title of this post and thought; “Pffft, which truck did it fall off the back of?” But seriously, I’m not pulling your leg; you (yes, you reading this post) could be the proud owner of your very own designer handbag and you don’t ha... Own A (Real) Louis Vuitton Handbag For a Fraction Of The Price!    

  Wedding bells are ringing at Joburg's Darling headquarters this week! Our lovely Rochelle from our Sales & Marketing department got hitched recently and she did it with such flare that I just had to insist she share all her super awesome wedding stories with all of you. So, this week is g... Wedding Series: Shop All The Wedding Dresses at GF Bridal Couture Fourways!    

  Darlings, today’s find is simply the cutest and coolest thing ever! When I first saw this online decor shop I shrieked (literally) and couldn’t tear myself away. The Little Honey Pot is a haven for anyone who loves unique decor pieces and trust me when I say you are g... Dip Into The Little Honeypot And You’ll Find Gold!    

  You may have noticed that I’ve been featuring a lot of kid’s things of late. I promise I’m not in the least bit broody - I’m just very aware of the fact that there are loads of moms out there that read Joburg’s Darling, so I’m always on the lookout for cute thi... Make Your Kid’s Room Magical With Monkey Prints!    

07 Mar 2014 1 Win With Kirsten Goss!
  A little while ago I told you all about my addiction to accessories and my ever expanding collection of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. My most-favourite pieces in my collection are, without a doubt, my investment pieces. These are the types of pieces that can make an outfit and that you plan ... Win With Kirsten Goss!    

  As the wise and beautiful Beyonce once sang “If I were a boy, even just for a day, I’d spend the day shopping at Hello Man.” Ok fine, I realise she didn’t sing that and that the sentence doesn’t even remotely rhyme but I’m pretty sure if Beyonc... Gifts For The Man In Your Life Sorted With Hello Man!    

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