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I’ve just discovered the coolest local decor brand right here in Joburg and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I’m a huge fan of anything cute and different so when I saw the super fabulous decor pieces from A 2nd Life I almost fell over from excitement. Their latest collection is filled with pieces that are just too cool not to have in your home and the best part is it’s as local as it comes.

Local Goodies Get A 2nd Life!

  I love a beautiful pair of high heels as much as the next girl but to be completely honest, nothing speaks to my heart more than a pretty pair of flats. What’s not to love? They’re cute, comfy and you can wear them all day without wanting to murder someone by the time you get home. La... I Love These Pumps From Cinnamon!    

  I hate to use Joburg’s Darling for my own selfish gain but jeepers creepers I need a Georgini Candy bracelet! So, if for some strange reason you were thinking of buying me a gift anytime soon then you can go ahead and get me one of these (pretty please with cherries on top)... Attention Anyone Who Wants To Buy Me A Gift!    

I’ve got stuff anxiety! I inherited a ton of antique furniture from my mother and while it’s all absolutely beautiful I’m not sure that any of it really suits my style. For the past year and a bit I’ve been wracking my brain about what to do with all these lovely but dat...
I’m In Love With Bezoo Furniture!    

  Don’t grow up, it’s a trap. I don’t know who first uttered those words but that person was probably the smartest individual to ever walk this planet. My whole life I’ve been trying to escape the inevitable – growing up. As far as I’m concerned grownups are bori... Be A Kid Again With Toyboy!    

  I’m obsessed with wishing on stuff – wish bones, falling stars, fallen eyelashes; you name it I’ve made a wish on it and hoped for it to come true. I don’t really want for much so my wishes are usually pretty simple – you know, stuff like having a singing voice that ... So Cute I Could Just Die!    

  As you all know by now I have a tendency to be a little bit of a hipster. I’d prefer to say I have an eye for the unusual, but ask any of my friends and they’ll just shake their heads and label my amazing talents as leaning a little too much towards hipster tendencies. I think they&rs... Ceramic Heaven in Linden!    

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