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In my next life, I am going to be an interior designer. True story! There is very little that is as satisfying as buying various bits and pieces to co-ordinate a room that was conceptualised entirely in your own head. So when I saw Scarlett Fine’s achingly beautiful range of fabrics, furniture and accessories for babies’ and children’s rooms, I fell in love!

Warning – this could result in a kiddie’s room makeover!

  I adore stationery almost as much as I adore shoes. And a new year coupled with an imminent move to new offices is the PERFECT excuse to splash out on stationery that is both practical and makes me laugh out loud! Funky fun stationery for the office!    

  As the years have passed and my kitchen has seen me more often (and not just in a direct line to the microwave) my love for food has taken a very aesthetic turn. I find it difficult to want to cook risottos unless they have bright yellow peppers and deep smoked paprika running through them, my po... Making The Kitchen Somewhere You Actually Want To Be This December    

01 Dec 2011 1 Décor to die for
  If there was a Nobel prize for interior décor and the ability to source exquisite items at reasonable prices, it would go to Susan Hughes Interiors – no question. So when I heard that she had bought and renovated an entire Parkhurst house in which to showcase her ser... Décor to die for    

  Aren’t you so tired of going to the same places and buying the same thing for your employees, your friends or your picky mother in law for Christmas? I know that I’m certainly tired of getting yet another giant tub of scented hand cream that does nothing but slowly congeal in my bathr... The Peretti Collection - gifting ideas served on a platter!    

  Ever since they were introduced to us by Woolworths in 2008 and 2009 respectively, Australian brands Country Road and Trenery have become staples in our wardrobes. Trenery and Country Road standalones are outstanding!    

  I’m always a sucker for a good word play and puzzle game - Addictaball is both and it certainly does live up to its name. Children of all ages (even the big ones) can’t get enough of it. Have a ball! An Addictaball!    

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