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The first step to beating addiction is admitting you have a problem! I’ve told you before that I have an addiction to accessories but I’m not quite sure I am quite ready admit that I have a problem because is an addiction to super awesome costume jewellery really hurting me? Sure, if someone broke into my flat (touch wood) they would probably (mistakenly) think that I run a part time accessory sales business on the side but I need every single one of those pieces and my collection...

Super Cool Accessories From Sugar and Spike!

  I don’t know about you but gadgets get me super excited! I love playing around with the latest gadgets to find out what the tech gurus have come up with to make our lives simpler, better and faster. So, if you are a tech-savvy Darling then today’s find is going to make your heart skip... Orange Arrives in South Africa!    

  This might sound weird but some days I wish I was Prince George of Cambridge (you know the son of Prince William and Kate!) Mostly because, when it comes to baby rooms it is probably a given that Prince William’s son has the most stylish bedroom in the whole world – with a super styli... Design a Baby Room Fit For Royalty With Scarlett Fine!    

  Great news Darlings; super awesome online stationery company, Macaroon has finally opened a real life studio! Which means we can now swop out our virtual shopping baskets for the joys of real life product interaction. That’s right, from now on you can head to Macaroon in Gr... Shop Up a Storm at Macaroon’s New Studio!    

  English actor, Arthur Wing Pinero once said “Where there’s tea there’s hope.” Which is true because tea is pretty much the best thing ever and there’s almost nothing that a good pot of tea can’t fix. Comedian Bill Connolly also once said of tea that you should ... Drink Up at The Tea Merchant!    

  I hate to admit this but I have come to realise that dressing myself is hard! Seriously, what happened to the good old days when you could wake up, slip on a princess tutu, a T-shirt and see-through plastic Cinderella heels and proclaim to your mom that this was your chosen outfit for your hectic... Tweak – Fabulous Fashion For Dummies!    

  Darlings, it’s official, True Religion jeans are finally in South Africa! Before this momentous occasion, it was possible to get your hands on a pair of True Religion denims if you really tried (there are one or two stores that stock their jeans) but we have never had a sta... True Religion Comes To South Africa!    

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