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Because it’s summer, and because I seem to have way too much time on my hands lately, I’ve gone into super spring cleaning mode. And, when I say spring cleaning mode I mean the ruthless chucking of stuff. For the past few weeks I’ve been systematically going through every room in my house to find things I no longer need. The only problem is I’m yet to go through this ruthless process in my bedroom – mostly because my accessories live in there and I can’t be...

Win With X By Trollbeads!

  Today I’ve got another great find for all the baby mammas out there. If you have a baby on the way or know someone who is about to pop then this baby brand is going to knock your socks off. They’re called See Me Baby and they’re coming to the rescue of moms ever... Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner    

  When it comes to styling my hair I’ve got a serious bias for my flat iron, and I’ve always been one of those girls who spends huge amounts of money on a flat iron and peanuts on a hair dryer. I have almost always air dried my hair after washing and I just didn’t see the need to ... A Treat For Your Locks!    

01 Nov 2013 Win With Georgini!
  Today we’re going on a blast from the past! You might remember Georgini from when I raved about their oh-so-cute Candy Bangles a little while ago. Well, today I thought I would introduce you to the rest of the collection - believe it or not they do make other fabulous costu... Win With Georgini!    

  I’m thinking of resigning as Joburg’s Darling – but just for one day. Why? Because I really, really want to be in line to win today’s fabulous prize! One lucky Darling is going to win a Moooi blanket worth R5500 and I so badly want it to be me. From my very first encounter... Win A Fabulous Moooi Boutique Blanket Worth R5500!    

  If you are or have ever been a freelancer (or one of those lucky sods who gets to work from home) then you’re going to love today’s find. Because, as much fun as working from home can be we all know that in reality it gets pretty old, pretty fast. I worked from home for a just week la... Work It At The Common Room    

  By now you all know about my absolute obsession with lingerie – my underwear drawers are literally overflowing with pretty bra and panty sets, but finding a place to store all my lovely undergarments is the least of my problems. What I’m really concerned about is travelling sexy. I sp... Travel Sexy With Love My Lace!    

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