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I’m absolutely obsessed with throwing parties – especially dress-up parties. Costumes, funky decor, fabulous food, music – what’s not to love? I have however come to realise that not everyone shares my love of themed parties – and by ‘not everyone’ I mean men. Men just don’t appreciate the fabulousness of a good dress up party (if I had 5 cents for every time I’ve heard a man complain about a dress up party I’d own a vintage Louis Vu...

Party Time On A ShoeString!

  Everyone has that one annoying friend who is impossible to buy for. You know the one, she says she “would be happy with anything” but despite her words of encouragement you’re left sweating bullets at the thought of giving her yet another mediocre present. And, to make matters w... Gifts Galore in Morningside!    

  Buying a birthday present for a little person can be tough! My nephews always seem to be turning another year older (but really, how fast do kids grow?) With each new year comes the stress of having to buy them a birthday present – and no one wants to be the weird aunt that buys you socks f... Win with Mimi and Jojo!    

  I’m on a quest to pimp my kitchen (not in the dodgy way, in the Pimp My Ride kind of way). Lately I’ve been craving the taste of good old home cooked meals and I’ve decided that if I’m going to be forced to spend more time in the kitchen I might as well spruce up my kitche... The Answer to Having the Cookware of Your Dreams!    

22 Feb 2013 8 Win with Eetrite!
  As you’ve probably gathered by now I’m a huge fan of anything cute and quirky. In my world everything can be made a million times better if it’s got a splash of colour or a cute little quirk that makes it stand out from the crowd. Which is why I’m completely smitten with t... Win with Eetrite!    

  As Belinda Carlisle once elegantly sang; “Ooooh Heaven is a place on Earth ... and it’s called The Chocolate Den”. Ok, she didn’t say that part about The Chocolate Den but trust me, if she’d ever paid a visit to the heavenly baking shop in Edenvale s... Heaven is a Place on Earth    

15 Feb 2013 Win With Smarticle!
  Although I’m a little too old to play with toys I still get excited when I find something unique and special for my two baby nephews – I may also play with them when they’re not looking, but that’s our little secret. I was introduced to Smarticle a little while back and ha... Win With Smarticle!    

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