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People are clever, seriously! I accidentally stumbled across this phenomenal pop-up store at Design Quarter last week, and stood there shaking my head in absolute amazement at their range of innovative products and furniture - and SUPERB prices! You are going to love this...

My sainted aunt – best find EVER!

  For years now, I’ve been going into Big Blue and each time silently hoping I’d see a nice, big, red sticker saying SALE, stuck on the tag of the gorgeous dress I happened to be eyeing at the time. Beautiful Bargains to be had at Big Blue    

  I’ve been undertaking the arduous challenge of trying to find my ultra-fussy boyfriend a bag that is made properly and is manly enough without having biker tags or some of the other bizarre adornments I’ve been finding. This is how I came across the most amazing luxury luggage that is... Stunningly different luggage that is guaranteed to plant the seeds of wanderlust!    

  If you haven’t yet been to 44 Stanley, you need to rectify that pronto! You can start with Mechant & Gentil, a very exciting new shop there that specialises in locally produced lingerie and other boudoir-based luxuries! Local is luxurious! Mechant & Gentil is THE lingerie hotspot right now!    

  I have to admit to not being big on “accessorising” - I have never quite had the know-how or the inclination to dress up various outfits with necklaces, bracelets and earrings. In fact, give me some classic earrings and my wedding rings, and I am usually good to go. This summer, howev... A sassy look – that costs very little!    

  I may have mentioned this before (a couple hundred times), but I just love where Joburg fashion is headed! This latest find just epitomises what it means to be young and awake in the city. FullKream represents the latest street couture in a way that is greatly accessible to peopl... None of that low fat nonsense at FullKream! Be one of the first readers to get there and get a free ladies tee!    

  There are few childhood joys that stick with us as firmly as that moment when the new school year calls for new stationery. A sense of sadness still dawns on me at the beginning of each year as I am reminded that I no longer require colouring pencils, erasers, and piles of fresh exam pads. The go... How to get that “new space-case” feeling as a “grown up”!    

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