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In the past I’ve waxed lyrical about how I love all things proudly South African. I am such a sucker for anything that is made in our beautiful home land that my house is filled with all sorts of cool Saffa stuff. My only problem is finding items that are legitimately made in South African and that doesn’t look like a cheesy tourist trinket (yes, I’m talking about those mass-produced curios you find on every street corner and market – giant wooden giraffe anyone?) Whic...

Fashion With Some Serious Passion At African Queen!

  Life is too short not to be stylish at all times - even when you are slaving away in the kitchen! I’m one of those people who would rather have cute versions of every day things - instead of the usual white bathroom slippers I have cutesy black and white polka dot slippers that resemble bal... The Most Beautiful Aprons I Have Ever Seen!    

  There’s nothing better than a good solid bout of nostalgia. We are all suckers for things that remind us of our childhoods - especially the toys. I for one wish I was a hoarder as a child (ok, I was a hoarder but I hoarded all the wrong stuff!) so that n... Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With Heart and Home    

  I have recently realised that having kids is probably going to be a bad idea for me. Mostly because I have terrible self-control when it comes to shopping, which means that if and when I have children of my own I won’t be able to resist buying truck loads of cute baby accessories. I also wo... Be Stylish And Organised With Momi Bags!    

  I’ve never claimed to be a fully fledged bunny hugger (although I will admit that bunnies are all kinds of awesome to hug) but I do try and do my part for the environment where I can. I recycle, buy free range, use environmentally friendly cleaning goodies at home and I try to use as many n... UASHMAMA Gives You Look and Feel of Leather Without The Guilt!    

  I realised something today – I don’t host nearly enough parties! I keep finding amazing party decor stores but sadly the saying "too many party stores, not enough special occasions” really rings true for me. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to throw caution to the win... Call On Paperkutz For Your Next Party!    

  If there’s one thing I’ve realised from working on Joburg’s Darling it’s that shopping for baby stuff is fun! I’m pretty sure that when it’s your own child the idea of buying yet another thing that your baby needs can get a bit overwhelming,  but when you&... Swaddle Your Baby In Style with Baby Noenoe!    

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