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A Favourable Threesome: Prestige® Quality Housewares introduces Füri® and Stanley Rogers to its South African Kitchen.

Get Ready For Furi and Stanley Rogers

  One of the scariest things, for me, is knowing that the first thing people see when they look at you is your face. And as women, we are generally fussy about which face and skin care products to use. We all want those products that make our skin feel smooth, look radiant and feel fresh. Purify Your Skin with African Extracts-Rooibos Skin Care    

21 Jul 2016 2 Get Styled By Anthea
  If you’re anything like me, shopping is a bit of an addiction. And while my favourite items to shop for are bags and shoes, I’m happy to shop for just about anything, at any time (just ask my poor husband who has spent hours following me around shops). When I came across gorgeous, aff... Get Styled By Anthea    

  Recently, I’ve developed a brand-new obsession. Don’t get me wrong, make-up will always be my number one - but right now, make-up brushes have been the items that I just cannot resist! Sure, I could just use my fingers to apply foundation and concealer (like I have be... The Top Essential Make-Up Brushes    

  I love the chillier months! There, I said it. Now you may be asking yourself, ‘Nicole, why on earth would you say that’. Well, it’s the one time of year where I can load up on hot chocolate (otherwise known as the only thing to drink in winter) and, of course, adorable winter ac... Cute Boot Cuffs For Your Winter Wardrobe    

  As the cold weather approaches, you might want to invest in a really good cream to keep your hands soft and smooth and keep your nails and cuticles in tip-top condition. Since the skin on the back of your hands shows the first signs of ageing, keep the cold, dry weather at bay with t... Best Hand Creams For Winter    

  Darlings, we all want to look youthful and glowing, am I right? However, there are certain factors that prevent a perfect complexion, such as late nights and bad eating habits (yikes!). Luckily, I’ve found a magic product that can lend you some help on days when you wish your skin was looki... Get That Fresh-Faced Look With Inglot’s HD Corrective Primer    

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