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It’s not often that I want to spend a significant amount of money on something that I can’t wear (or drink), but there’s something about every last piece created by Katie Thompson in her line, Re-Create, that just says “buy me, love me, leave me in your will for your favourite child.”

You are going to love me for this - Up-cycling at its best!

  If you love books, but really LOVE books, to the point where you want to meet their authors, sit among them for hours, get your kids to love them and bribe your friends with fine wine so they love them too; then you’re going to love Love Books. So much love for Love Books    

  I am completely in love with Hunters Rest Antiques and am not at all surprised that it was recently awarded 2nd place in the “Joburg’s Choice of Antique Shops” awards. This enormous multi-level store is a haven for those looking for a once-off piece or to furnis... Free cappuccino and melktart while you shop!    

  Nonna have already established themselves as favourites for gifts, decor and so many other things that just scream “taste” in Joburg, but did you know that they do THE most amazing gift and treat hampers too? I didn’t, but I am SO grateful that I do now, so I th... A boring old fruit basket just will not cut it anymore! Not with these around, anyway...    

  I made a terrible mistake. I went into Tinsel in Parkhurst this week and now I can’t stop thinking about EVERYTHING in it. Seriously. I am not one for tons of fancy jewellery, but I’m open to the super-effective persuasion thrown at me by every corner and surface of the shop. The word... Tinsel – Like Christmas morning all year ‘round!    

  In my next life (if I am not Oprah, that is) I would like nothing more than to open a gorgeous guesthouse filled with all my antique treasures and junk shops finds. If this too is your “thing”, then a visit to Grand Hotel Antiques & Collectibles should be your ver... Antique hunting for grand bargains!    

  Saturday (16 June) saw the launch of the ultra-exciting new shopping concept for those of us who love to be en vogue, but don’t necessarily have the wallet to match. is the perfect way to keep up with high profile designer trends and not break the bank. Our Wardrobe is Your Wardrobe    

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